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There are a few answers to your question...

  • One answer to your question may be that you are working on a computer that is not connected to the UF Network.  The libraries' paid subscription resources can recognize how you are trying to access the resource through your computer's IP address.  A non-UF IP address may be the reason you are being asked for a log-in name and password.  Below is an anwser of how to go about off-campus access.  We recommend setting up the UF VPN.

UF Faculty, Staff and Students:

There are two ways to access the Libraries' subscription databases when you are off campus. The Proxy Server is the quickest. The VPN is the best.

1) Proxy Server
a. Login with your Gatorlink account
b. Carefully follow the instructions after logging in.

2. UF VPN - University of Florida Virtual Private Network
a. Login to the VPN software site with you GatorLink account.
b. Download the VPN Client that is appropriate for your computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux)
c. Install the software on your computer.
d. Launch the program ("Gatorlink VPN Client")
e. Login with your Gatorlink account.


  • If you are on-campus or already using off-campus access, the libraries may not have online full-text access to the particular articles you need from the journal OR there may be a problem with the database you're using.  For a problem with the database/e-journal resource see:

Get Help: Computing & Remote Access Problems

This page has helpful information about connecting from off-campus and reporting problems with databases and e-journal resources.


  • To know what kind of online full-text access the libraries have to the e-journal in question, follow these steps:
  1. From the library's homepage, select the "Online Journals" tab. It is in the light yellow area on the right section of the page.
  2. Enter the e-journal title in the search bar (select "Title equals" from the drop-down box if you want to search for the exact e-journal title). Click "Find."
  3. Your results should show the journal title with a list of coverage dates and options of resources you can access articles from.
  4. Select the resource (e.g. Academic Search Premier, Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection, Taylor & Francis Journals, WileyInterscience, etc.) that matches the dates of the articles you need to access.  For example, you need an article from 2005 from the e-journal Psychology, crime & law.  The blue arrow in the picture below points out the coverage dates.  You can access full-text articles from any of the three resources for the year 2005.  However, if you needed an article from 1997, this date is not covered and you will need to click "More full text options" (orange arrow) to locate a print version of the journal in the libraries.


  • If you are in a databse, such as Academic Search Premier, try looking for the button.  It will help lead you to a database that has the full-text of the article or to the library catalog to locate a print version of the journal.